LGM-100 electric front end loader
Create Beautiful landscaping with our tractor attachment
Create professional landscaping with your garden tractor
Electric front end loader used to complete landscaping job with red stone

Turn dreaded yardwork projects into

Landscaping Adventures

One attachment

To rule them all

Effortlessly move large quantities of materials to create your own professional-looking landscaping with the LGM-100. 

But don’t stop there. 

Do more with the versatility of a front-end loader. 

Imagine the possibilities.

LGM-100 electric front end loader lifts heavy equipment
Heavy lifting with your LGM-100 front end loader

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like a

Get the most out of your tractor with our front-end loader.

Unlock the power

of your tractor

Always have a helper on hand to tackle your toughest projects. 

Powered by your tractor’s battery, our rugged loader will help you conquer the most difficult tasks.

LGM-100 runs off of your tractor's battery


at your fingertips

As the leading producer of electric front-end loaders for lawn and garden tractors, we are constantly developing new products to provide you with the best experience.

Now offering an innovative variable speed joystick control kit for the LGM-100.

Prototype of our joystick controller
Electric Linear Actuator

Customer Feedback

What our Customers have to say

Will S.
Will S.
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I have now moved 4 yards of #57 rock and 1 yard of red clay. The LGM handled both wonderfully and never once did the machine bog down or cap out. I was off loading from a trailer, so it was hard to get a full scoop because of the angle after a few loads but I suspect if it’s dumped on the ground, you can consistently get full loads. It doesn’t take too long to get use to the controls to really get full scoops. Assembly of the LGM wasn’t too bad if you have a few tools. I did modify the switch location (with consulting with the owners) as I plan on upgrading from a 330 model to a 500 series model and didn’t want to drill holes in the dash. So I extended the wires and put the switches in the cup holder with is very comfortable to operate. I know I will have this forever and can’t wait for future attachments.
Steve D.
Steve D.
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You have the best design of a product for this niche. The fact that I can lift the bucket high enough to dump into my utility trailer or dump mulch at the back of a flower bed without driving into the flower bed is a huge advantage.
Al W.
Al W.
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I placed 19 cubic yards of topsoil along the edge of the driveway to get the ground leveled back up to it and never would have attempted it with just a wheelbarrow and a broken back. With the LGM it took just a few days and it only took that long because I had to wait for topsoil to be delivered...I will of course be using it for other jobs around the property but I actually priced having someone do the job for me versus buying the LGM and doing it myself. I probably came out about the same but I have a new piece of equipment now plus the satisfaction of knowing the job was done right.
Steve M.
Steve M.
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I had the opportunity to put the loader through its paces when I cleaned out my barn. A job that would have taken 8 hours or more with a shovel and wheelbarrow actually took 1 hour. It's an amazing little piece of equipment.

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