Joystick Upgrade

Master the control of your LGM-100/Little Green Monster so you can do more. The precise control and accurate motion provided by our innovative Joystick Upgrade will make your next project that much easier.

New LGM-100 Customer? Order your LGM-100 with the Joystick Upgrade here.

Little Green Monster customers: this upgrade requires the Updated Wiring Harness. Save $150 when you order the Updated Wiring Harness with your Joystick Upgrade.

Read our FAQ: How do I find out which wiring harness I have?

Note: Photos depict pre-production designs, final product may vary.

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Benefits of Joystick Control

Control your electric loader with the same level of fluidity as a hydraulic attachment. Pull slightly back on the joystick to slowly begin lifting the loader, and then push left to curl the bucket at the same time. The farther you push/pull the joystick, the faster the actuators move. But get even more control than with hydraulics: whenever you need to slow things down, just back off the joystick to engage the regenerative braking and smoothly stop even the heaviest loads. Scoop with ease, dump with precision, and get it done quicker with this upgrade.


Note: The Joystick Upgrade has a 2-week lead time.



  • Precise: provides responsive and accurate control.
  • Convenient: easy to install, even easier to operate.
  • Comfortable: mounted in the cup holder so you can work in a relaxed position.
  • Safe: includes an on/off switch and status lights to keep you safe.
  • Reliable: made with the highest quality components.


Joystick Upgrade Compatibility:

  • Compatible with the standard and upgraded electric linear actuators.
  • Works for every LGM-100/Little Green Monster.
  • Fits all tractors compatible with the LGM-100.
  • Requires the Updated Wiring Harness. Choose the Joystick Upgrade + Updated Wiring Harness option above if you don’t have the Updated Wiring Harness. Read our FAQ: How do I find out which wiring harness I have?


Order Contents:

  1. Joystick. Ruffy Controls HE2 Series. Ruggedized, fully sealed (IP67), 2-axis hall effect with 2 buttons for future accessory control.
  2. Joystick Mount. Custom designed to position the joystick conveniently in the cup holder.
  3. Electronics. Includes three Basicmicro Roboclaw Solo controllers with custom programming.
  4. Electronics Enclosure. Protects the motor controllers and mounts easily in the engine bay.
  5. Wiring Harness. Easily connects to the LGM-100 wiring harness.


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 20 in

Joystick Upgrade, Joystick Upgrade + Updated Wiring Harness – [+145]


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