LGM-100 is a powerful and durable front end loader

Powerful & Durable
Front-End Loader

350 lbs of
Lift Capacity

Strong enough for even the toughest jobs.*

Do it

Moves at similar speeds to hydraulics.


Easy to install.
Easy to maintain.


Effortlessly operate your front-end loader.

Now, everyone can Landscape like a pro

Lay down a fresh bed of topsoil for your next gardening project. Build a gravel foundation for your shed. Create a relaxing oasis in your own backyard. Get it done with the LGM-100.

LGM-100 Front End Loader landscaping
Create beautiful landscaping with our electric front end loader

Ditch the Shovel



Max Lift Capacity:

350 lbs*

Bucket Capacity:

3 cu ft

Total Weight:

180 lbs

Lift Height:

44 in

Bucket Width:

42 in


Carbon Steel

Standard Actuator (Upgraded)

Drive Type:

Ball Screw

Stroke Length:

8 in

Dynamic Load:

1012 lbs (1012 lbs)

Travel Time
@ Max Capacity:

14 sec (7 sec)


12 VDC

Max Current:

26A (29A)

Static Load:

3057 lbs (3057 lbs)

Gear Ratio:

20:1 (10:1)

Haul heavy materials with LGM-100 Front End Loader

Designed for Your Tractor

Built specifically for lawn and garden tractors, the LGM-100 is constructed from materials chosen to meet your needs.

Through careful design considerations balancing strength and weight, our front-end loader gets the most out of your tractor.

Think of all you can do with 350 lbs* of lift capacity.

*Requires adequate ballast weight. Learn More

Check your tractor’s compatibility.

Electric Linear Actuators

Custom sourced from Concentric International, our linear actuators are specifically designed to handle the demands of the LGM-100.

These ball screw actuators provide over 1000 lbs of force each and can lift a full load to maximum height in under 7 seconds.**

**Requires the upgraded linear actuator.

We are designing new accessories for your tractor

Growing Versatility

We are dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs and are working to expand our line of accessories for the LGM-100 including forks, a grapple, and more. Check back soon!

Variable Speed Control

Our joystick controller solution enables even greater control of your LGM-100 by providing more precise movement. By adding variable speed control, your electric front-end loader will move and feel like a hydraulic unit. 

Joystick controller parts for the LGM100


The Most Versatile Tractor Attachment

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