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LGM100 Front End Loader - Product installation

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Safety Precautions


The LGM-100 is designed to enable you to safely get the most out of your tractor. It is important that you read and follow these safety guidelines before using your front-end loader to protect yourself and others from potential serious injury or death.
  • Always secure your equipment when not in use. For LGM-100 owners (with the “Updated Wiring Harness”) turning your tractor off and removing the key secures the front-end loader. For “Little Green Monster” owners, we recommend disconnecting the loader from the battery when not in use.
  • Never leave children unattended with access to an operational front-end loader.
  • Do not tamper with, alter, or modify your front-end loader as this can result in unsafe operating conditions.
  • Check all tire pressures meet the manufacturer recommendations before using your front-end loader.
  • Follow all safety instructions provided with your tractor.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. Ensure the area you are working in is free from any people or obstacles. Do not use the loader around unattended children.
  • Never allow anyone to ride in the bucket.
  • Ballast Weight: Ensure you have adequate ballast weight for the load you plan to lift. To reach the max lift capacity of 350lbs, we recommend four (4) of the 42lbs John Deere suitcase weights hung from the rear weight bar. More weight may be necessary. 
  • Driving with loads: Never drive with the loader at maximum height, always lower the loader as close to the ground as is possible without hitting the ground. Only lift the load to maximum height when needed, and drive very slowly while at maximum height. 
  • Steep Inclines: Avoid driving on steep inclines whenever possible. If you must drive on a steep incline, always face the tractor up the hill and keep the load as close to the ground as possible. NEVER drive facing down a steep incline with a heavy load, this can result in a loss of control of your tractor. Back down the incline instead. Avoid driving horizontally to the incline, instead drive horizontally along a flat area at the top or bottom of the incline, and then drive vertically along the incline.  
  • Loss of Control of Your Tractor: If you ever feel you are losing control, lower the bucket into the ground. This will stabilize your tractor and help regain control.
  • Loss of Control of Your Loader: If you lose the ability to control your loader, or the actuators move unexpectedly, immediately turn your tractor key off to disconnect power to the front-end loader. Contact us for assistance. 


For any additional questions, please contact us via
Phone: (908)989-0802

The LGM-100 is compatible with:

  • X300 series John Deere tractors including: X300, X300R, X304, X310, X320, X324, X330, X340, X350, X350R, X354, X360, X370, X380, X384, X390, X394.
  • X500 series John Deere tractors from model year 2007 and later including: X500, X520, X530, X534, X540, X570, X580, X584, X590.

We are looking to increase our make and model compatibility. Please contact us if you don’t see your tractor model listed.

Our recommendation depends on the choice of control:

  • Switch Control: We recommend 2 standard, 1 upgraded actuator.
  • Joystick Control: We recommend 3 upgraded actuators. 


Our preferred combination is the joystick with 3 upgraded actuators, as this offers the most control, versatility, and functionality of your front-end loader.


A detailed comparison of the actuator specifications can be found here.

Yes. The LGM-100 is designed to be quickly removed and re-installed as needed. Please follow the steps below.
Note: You do not need to remove the loader to use your mower. The loader does not interfere with your mower functionality. Just use caution to not hit anything with the loader.
  1. Raise the Lift-Arms fully.
  2. Tilt the bucket so the leading edge is perpendicular to the ground. 
  3. Disconnect the harness extension that runs to the bucket actuator (the bucket will no longer be able to move).
  4. Lower the arms until the bucket is resting on the ground, but not pressing into the ground.
  5. Disconnect the leads to the both of the Lift-Arm actuators.
  6. Ensure the wiring harness is completely disconnected between then Uprights and Lift-Arms. Remove any zip ties if necessary. The provided GripLockTies can be easily removed for this purpose.
  7. Remove the clevis pins that attach the lift actuators to the bottom of the Uprights.
  8. Remove the clevis pins that attach the Lift-Arms to the Uprights.
  9. Tilt the assembly up and out of the way or onto a dolly.
We recommend purchasing a cheap dolly (like the ones available at harbor freight) to easily move the unit around on to store it.
To completely remove the LGM-100. After performing the above steps:
  1. Remove the wiring harness from the uprights. Tuck this under the engine bay in a safe location, use zip ties to hold it in place. 
  2. Remove the 1/2″ and both 3/8″ bots from each Upright.
  3. Remove the 5/16″ nut from each Upright. The Upright will slide right out.
Please check back soon for a video tutorial on this topic.

No. With the arms lowered you can open the hood and have full access to the engine bay.

Yes. The LGM-100 is compatible with the John Deere brush guard. 

Yes. In order to use a snow blower you will need to fully remove the LGM-100. For information on how to remover the LGM-100, refer to the FAQ: “Can I quickly remove the LGM-100?”


Yes. We ship the LGM-100 via Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL). You will have the choice at checkout whether to “hold at terminal” or to choose “lift gate delivery with residential delivery.” The second option will be delivered to your house.

We typically recommend customers choose the “hold at terminal” option and pick the unit up as it will fit easily in most vehicles. You will be provided the ODFL terminal address and distance from your house during checkout.

Read more about shipping here.

When your LGM-100 arrives at the terminal, ODFL will contact you using the phone number you provide during checkout. You will also be able to track your order status online.

Depends on the vehicle, but most vehicles can fit the LGM-100. Our experience fitting the LGM-100 based on vehicle type is as follows:

  • Pickup truck: Yes, it will fit easily in the bed of any pickup truck.
  • Large SUV & Van: Yes. The pallet will fit in the trunk of most large SUVs and Vans. If not, the components can be removed from the pallet and will fit individually.
  • Smaller SUV: Yes, but plan to have to remove the components and fit them individually.
  • Sedan: Depends. We have had customers fit the LGM-100 in their sedans. Please see the dimensions below for further information.

Dimensions for the LGM-100 are:

  • Shipping pallet: 48x32x24 inches.
  • Bucket: 42x21x9 inches. This is the largest single component, and may fit in the backseat.
  • Lift-Arms: 44x30x13 inches. This is an ‘L’ shaped item, with the long section measuring 44″ and the short section measuring 13″. This will fit in a lot of trunks as long as they are 44″ deep and 30″ wide.
  • Uprights: 28x10x4 inches (each).

If you need to remove the components from the pallet to load into your vehicle, you will be responsible for doing so. We recommend bringing a box cutter or knife to cut the strapping, and a hammer and/or crowbar to break down the shipping pallet. ODFL may dispose of the shipping pallet for you, but this is not a guarantee.


Yes. For vehicles that have a large enough bed/trunk to fit the shipping pallet, ODFL will load the pallet for you using a forklift. For all other vehicles, they will help you lift the items into your vehicle. For more information, read our FAQ: “Will the LGM-100 fit in my vehicle?”


Any customers who purchased an “LGM-100” have the Updated Wiring Harness.


If you ordered a “Little Green Monster” you most likely have the original wiring harness. To easily tell which version you have: check to see if your front-end loader will operate without your key in the tractor. The Updated Wiring Harness will not allow the loader to operate without the key in the tractor and in an “on” position.


Little Green Monster customers who are interested in our Joystick Upgrade option: purchase the Updated Wiring Harness with the Joystick Upgrade to save $50 on the combination. Order Here.

No. As long as your tractor is running while using the LGM-100 it will not drain the battery. 

Yes. All power is drawn directly from the battery. The LGM-100 will not interfere with any of your tractors electrical systems.

General FAQ

We are continuously working to expand our line of accessories to meet our customer’s demands. Please subscribe using the form at the bottom of the page to be first to be notified of new products and to not miss out on future discounted product preorders.

We will soon expand our offerings with a fork attachment, cutting edge upgrade, a grapple, and increased compatibility with more lawn and garden tractors.

Please contact us with any product suggestions.

Yes. We sell our actuators individually. Follow this link to order.

Maintaining your equipment


Due to the nature of the product, periodic maintenance is required to prevent rusting and corrosion. After use, clean off any areas with exposed steel. Then cover these areas with a layer of paint. Most hardware stores carry spray paint labeled “green farm equipment” that matches the color. 

Electric Components

The electric components do not require any maintenance.
Spray painting to protect the metal from corrosion.

Linear Actuators

Your electric actuators do not require any periodic maintenance. If you remove your front-end loader, we recommend storing the actuators in a safe location.



All parts are covered under a 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use protecting against equipment failure resulting from any manufacturing defects. The warranty covers the full replacement cost (including shipping) for all covered items.


All electrical components, except as specified below, are covered under a 3-year limited warranty for normal residential use protecting against failure resulting from normal operation. Any failure caused by damage due to improper installation or unintended use is not covered. The linear actuators are covered by the manufacturer under a 3-year warranty. The joystick and motor controllers are covered for a period of 2 years. This warranty covers the full replacement cost (including shipping) for all covered components.


We provide a 30-day limited corrosion & rust protection warranty. This corrosion warranty provides protection from any defects in our paint job or damage to the paint resulting from shipping. Your product should arrive rust and corrosion free, but if not, we will work with you to reach an agreeable solution to fix the problem up to, but not exceeding, replacing the part.

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